Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend Jam

My dear sweet Honey and many good friends played music last saturday at a local camp/resort, many musicians, much good music and lots to eat.
I'm always amazed at the talent and skill that people in our area have, at this jam there were fiddles, banjo's, mandolins, upright bass, washtub bass, washboard, bells, guitars, harmonica, jewsharp, box drum, electronic drums, bongo, tambourine, not to mention the great vocalists. Traditional cowboy music, bluegrass, western, country and original stuff too.

It was a fun day.

My honey is in the yellow shirt.


prairierunner said...

That guy in the red looks quite a lot like Ben Crane.

Cowgirl Rae said...

nope, his name is Dave Hulick, he is a local preacher/ cow manager here.

gtyyup said...

Excellent pic of Ramona and Dave!! Surprised me to see their faces on your blog! Wonderful folks...they play for our Central Oregon Wild Horse Coalition every year at the Western Arts Roundup. You were probably there last April??

Cowgirl Rae said...

Hello there, yes we visited the fairgrounds took a tour of the sellers booths and headed out. We didn't stay long.

Considering Dave is computer challenged and Ramona is very busy I thought I'd include them here, LOL. That one pic is my favorite with his red shirt, and the log wall behind.

My dear hubby plays music with them frequently, We are having a tri-tip BBQ at the Grange hall east of the reservoir in prineville june 20 for cowboy church. I'll post about that too.

Thanks for posting, I hope you haven't sprouted moss yet, I think I have over here, we had 2 inches of rain since saturday, horses in mud....ick.