Monday, June 29, 2009

Body Score Condition

I have a saddle for sale and it has caused me some frustration as several folks have passed on it because they claim the tree is too narrow for their horse.

The saddle is a western pleasure/show saddle made by Textan, it has a nearly 7 inch gullet and full QH bars..... yet the complaint it is too narrow is misunderstood, the saddle is generous and made to fit a modern horse.... their horses are too FAT!

OK I said it.... perhaps the PC police wont be too harsh on me. ;~)

I keep my horses on the athletic and lean side, enough fat to properly cushion their muscles but still able to see a hint of rib while in motion. A fat horse is not fit and likely to chafe under the girth, saddles are difficult to fit and fat withers are dangerously at risk for galling and allowing the saddle to roll. Putting a normal and generous size tree on a fat horse and trying to pad it correctly is like wearing 2 pairs of thick socks to cushion shoes that pinch.

I found this link on the internet with a body scoring and conditioning quiz to test yourself.

Body Score Quiz

After you take the quiz come back and guess the body score of my horses, I'll post the answers ( Or what I evaluate them at later) later.

Domino 3 years 14.3H
Missy 25 years 14.2 H
Dolly 20 months, 14H (she is a pest and impossible to stand for a pic)
Cricket 4 years 15.2H
Maurice 17 Years 11H

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


MMMMMM little piggies all of them, with a range of ages from long yearling to over 25, it can be a challenge to make sure everybody gets their needs met nutritionally.

For the last 12 years all the horses were on irrigated pasture and we grew our own hay, now we live on a drylot situation and all the horses feed is bought and hand fed.... boy do I miss the pasture.

Last year we were hit with extraordinary hay prices, this year looks better.
Makes it problematic to feed free choice orchard grass, so we feed free choice filler hay and limit feed the orchard grass to about 60%

I've never been a fan of feeding grain unless absolutely necessary, and in our case the little bit of grain is essentially a carrier for the more nutritionally dense feeds. I think we are doing OK to make up for the calorie dense full-time pasture.

Domino is 3 and was severely malnourished when we got him a year ago. He is still on what I consider a high calorie ration , sunflower seeds, alfalfa pellets, 14% sweet feed, TM salt and free choice hay.

Dolly gets essentially the same as Domino with the addition of 18% rabbit pellets for protein.

Cricket is 4 now and HYPP N/P she is asymptomatic and she only gets dry COB with canola oil and free choice hay. Signifigant molasses, sunflower seeds, alfalfa and potassium sources are to be avoided (she does get a handful of sweetfeed to stimulate her on the dry COB, but no more).
TM salt is important to her needs, to keep the sodium/potassium and hydration in balance.

Missy is our toughest case as she tends to be laminitic and hard to keep weight, she is also allergic to sunflower seeds, she gets itchy runny eyes and hive like reaction, she is on free choice hay and 18% rabbit pellets, canola oil and enough sweetfeed to make it palatable, along with TM salt.

Maurice the pony only gets a handful of sweetfeed to carry the TM salt and a handful of sunflower seeds to meet his fat needs, he is slightly cushings prone and is on restricted green hay, but unlimited filler hay.

Green Orchard Grass Hay

Filler hay, this is mostly coarse fescue, its not as green as I like, but they don't seem to mind too much. I prefer ryegrass or bluegrass straw but this is all I can get this time of year, we get this is the big 4 X 8 bales, they all get this free choice

Canola Oil full of omega 3

Trace Mineral Salt
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
Alfalfa Pellets
14% Livestock Blend Sweetfeed
Dry C.O.B.
18% Rabbit Pellets
I also feed Horse Guard supplement especially to meet the selenium requirements as our area tends to be selenuim deficient, In addition to loose TM salt we keep a TM block available for them.

Monday, June 22, 2009

BBQ Cowboy Church

The BBQ was wonderful, the message was inspiring, thank you to Preacher Johnny Morris from Angel Camp Cowboy Church, Midvale ID. I guess there was 75 people there or maybe more.

My Honey, Dave and Ramona brought us music, I didn't get the names of the other musicians and back-up singer.
A special guest was Charlie Walker, he shared some new music from his album and lots of old hymns.

I borrowed a few pics, I didn't get a camera, so missed a lot of images I wanted to share. Like the people, the food, the singers, the preachers .....sigh.

Please excuse the image quality, its the best I could do.
I promise it all looked great in person.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dolly's Face

This is Dolly........

My Dear Honey gave her to me for my birthday last year, she is a very late baby and wont be 2 until the end of august.

Isn't she pretty?

Well 2 weeks after I got her last fall, I put her out to play in the newly fenced drylot paddock, smooth woven wire, stretched tight and clipped to posts.... she ran into it at a dead run..........

sliced her face to the skull, from mid way on her face, nearly eye to eye, the flap hung open and took over 20 stitches..... I'll spare the gore, I was too shocked to even think to take pics..... Poor baby!

This image is 2 months after the fact....... back in November.

She eats a lot and is growing.......

And her face healed up just like the vet said it would.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Bad and the Ugly.....

Thanks to a cell phone I can post this .......

....and this,

just think how good it would look in full focus and full color, LOL........

Just call me Rainbow Foot.

Weekend Events

Still no camera......

I've been shopping on Amazon and think I've decided, but we'll have to wait until wednesday to place an order.

If I had a camera I'd take pictures of my foot and you could all guess as to what it looks like...... here is a clue, whats purple, blue, swollen and streaked with blood ?

A big toe and first ball joint after its stomped on by a large paint horse..... named Cricket.

It was an accident she didn't mean to stomp on my foot, but, I was holding and looking at her right forefoot and she was standing quietly. Suddenly she flinched and jerked it away to stamp at a fly, stamped it hard down right on the top of my boot....hard, oh so very hard she did.

So I did what any cowgirl does..... I crumpled in a heap, held my foot in both hands, said "gee whiz" and tried to remember to breathe.

A few minutes of that was enough to draw the interest of snoopy mustang colt named Domino that wandered over to sniff me and rub his nose over my hair,

I wasn't in the mood and my attempts to swat him off only made him more determined to examine my crumpled heap. I decided to get out of the dry lot and maybe make it to the house. Gracefully you know, walking in the half bent style of trying to not step on anything but the part of ones foot that dosen't hurt, slooowwwly, then quick off the hurt foot and step, sloooowwwly, quick off the hurt foot, careful to only use the heel to support my weight.

OH boy this hurts, one boot and one slipper footwear at church yesterday, sharp!
so today will be ginger and maybe by tomorrow I can wear a boot again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday and still raining.....

I wanted to share an upcoming event in the area..... BBQ Tri Tip at the Lookout Grange in Prineville.

I still don't have a camera, but I'm hoping I can borrow or beg one from somewhere......I'll be sharing as I can I was hoping to do a full deal. We'll see what comes up.

Check out musician
Charlie Walker as he brings music and entertainment for everyone there.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Musing

Today is raining, hailing and lightening something fierce.... not a good day for riding.
On top of that my little digital camera died, and since our budget is so tight I'll be replacing it with a very cheap point and shoot. Until then and because I can't take new pics for awhile I decided to put something together from things in the computer.

My dear youngest daughter was riding recently and I had the foresight of catching it on video, combined with the movie maker feature on the computer that I've recently started playing with, this is what I came up with.

This old mare a fabulous horse for the kids, she is kind, patient and very gentle. Registered Arabian and granddaughter of Serafix. Not only is she good for the kids but she is my preferred pony horse and is rock solid and stable, keeps on moving forward no-matter what a colt may be doing on the lead.