Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday Musing

Today is raining, hailing and lightening something fierce.... not a good day for riding.
On top of that my little digital camera died, and since our budget is so tight I'll be replacing it with a very cheap point and shoot. Until then and because I can't take new pics for awhile I decided to put something together from things in the computer.

My dear youngest daughter was riding recently and I had the foresight of catching it on video, combined with the movie maker feature on the computer that I've recently started playing with, this is what I came up with.

This old mare a fabulous horse for the kids, she is kind, patient and very gentle. Registered Arabian and granddaughter of Serafix. Not only is she good for the kids but she is my preferred pony horse and is rock solid and stable, keeps on moving forward no-matter what a colt may be doing on the lead.

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gtyyup said...

That is a great video! Well done. Lydia didn't look like she was havin' any fun at all ;~) Looks like she's going to be a nice lil' rider too!

We've had our share of rain and thunder storms...more coming through next week. After such a dry winter, we sure need the moisture! But, our alfalfa is ready to cut, so I hope it turns summer again pretty soon.