Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Events

Still no camera......

I've been shopping on Amazon and think I've decided, but we'll have to wait until wednesday to place an order.

If I had a camera I'd take pictures of my foot and you could all guess as to what it looks like...... here is a clue, whats purple, blue, swollen and streaked with blood ?

A big toe and first ball joint after its stomped on by a large paint horse..... named Cricket.

It was an accident she didn't mean to stomp on my foot, but, I was holding and looking at her right forefoot and she was standing quietly. Suddenly she flinched and jerked it away to stamp at a fly, stamped it hard down right on the top of my boot....hard, oh so very hard she did.

So I did what any cowgirl does..... I crumpled in a heap, held my foot in both hands, said "gee whiz" and tried to remember to breathe.

A few minutes of that was enough to draw the interest of snoopy mustang colt named Domino that wandered over to sniff me and rub his nose over my hair,

I wasn't in the mood and my attempts to swat him off only made him more determined to examine my crumpled heap. I decided to get out of the dry lot and maybe make it to the house. Gracefully you know, walking in the half bent style of trying to not step on anything but the part of ones foot that dosen't hurt, slooowwwly, then quick off the hurt foot and step, sloooowwwly, quick off the hurt foot, careful to only use the heel to support my weight.

OH boy this hurts, one boot and one slipper footwear at church yesterday, sharp!
so today will be ginger and maybe by tomorrow I can wear a boot again.


Paint Girl said...

Oh no! That is so painful! My Arab Brandy has done that before, but she spooked straight up and came down on top of my foot. I could barely wear flip flops! I was lucky to not have any broken bones. I feel your pain!

Cowgirl Rae said...

thanks for the support, I tried to clean pens today, ouch ouchOweeee!