Sunday, August 9, 2009

Buck Brannaman

For many years I have desired to ride in a Buck Brannaman clinic, it always been out of my budget as well as often not in my area. Well this year I was surfing the net and happened to learn that Buck was coming to Oregon, I discussed it with Dear Honey and we said if I sold a few things we could afford me attending.......

Welcome Craigslist and I made the funds...... that was back in february.

Now this weekend friday, saturday, sunday and monday mornings I'll be riding the clinic.

I've debated for the last month which horse to ride, should I ride Domino ? or Cricket?

Domino is the easiest horse I've ever trained, he is responsive and willing, even as a 3 year old he is very supple and always willing to accept my direction. He is quick and handy and lots of fun to ride. I have no training issues other than he is green.

Cricket is 4 this year and I started her last year, she came up lame with a left hind tendon injury and has had the last year off, I started riding her about a month ago and she is very difficult to ride, she is board stiff and rigid to the right, she is reactionary and over reacts to slaps and quick movements. She has not bucked much this year but bucked me off twice last year, one incident jammed my thumb badly and she spooked and ran me over once while I was leading her, knocked me down and hit my face, it hurt. I think she is over all that now and is responsive on ground work.

My good friend and trainer insists I should ride Cricket, she thinks I may make good progress with her, and we can help her become softer and flexible. I'd like to ride Domino as he makes me look good, he is farther along. I think I'll be able to spend more time watching the others and less time struggling with my horse on new skills.
I like to look competent as a trainer, I'm challenged by Cricket, I have no doubt as to my ability to make her safe and work through all her issues. I expect this time next year she will be well broke and doing anything we ask of her.
Its just right now she lacks confidence and suppleness.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to which horse I should ride?


Kate said...

Definitely Cricket - if you have the chance to work with Buck, I'd take the more challenging horse. Could you take both and split the rides?

Melanie said...

Hmmmmmmm....I can see why you would want to take the less challenging horse, but if it were me, I would take Cricket. Maybe she will be a turkey and Buck can really work with you and Cricket; thus making you more knowledgeable, and Cricket more confident. Just my two cents though... :)

Paint Girl said...

I also think you should take Cricket. My sister has been to a Buck Brannaman clinic, not with her horse, but from what I hear about him, I would definately take Cricket. I think it would be a great experience for you to take her, and like Melanie said, I am sure Buck would help you work out any problems you might have with her.
Can't wait to hear what you decide to do and to hear about the results!

gtyyup said...

I'm with everyone else...I'd take Cricket. With his help, you're going to get a lot of tools for your box that you can use. If I were going (and I had thought about it earlier this year but went with Mike Bridges), I'd be taking my difficult Kiger horse.

Good luck, have FUN, and we all will be waiting for your blog on the weekend!