Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clinic BBQ

Sunday evening was the participants BBQ hosted by friends of Buck and the arena owners....
What a fantastic assortment of food, drink and fellowship.

The opportunity to visit and relax was welcome. During the clinic there was virtually no ability to meet anyone and learn their names or where they were from
. Participants were from Canada, Montana, California, Oregon and New Zealand. I was impressed with the amount of money involved and spent in pursuing this clinic and clinician.

Personally it was a bit of a sacrifice to attend this, I couldn't imagine following Bucks clinic circuit and riding in many clinics over the summer. I'll definately be placing that high on my post lottery winning "To Do" list.

It was a treat to sit and visit casually with Buck, he was genuinely interested in my children and surprised I have 5 children the oldest of which is nearly 18. He took the time to look through my photo album and was interested and asked lots of questions about my children, husband and other topics.... nobody discussed their horses or the clinic. Buck was equally interested in others lives and interests. He is personable and gracious.

I met
Fawn Anderson

She and a friend are taking Bucks clinics over the summer and rode some fabulous horses.

I met 2 women from Florida that were thrilled to get their picture taken with a "REAL" cowboy... they were hilarious.
One woman had a European accent and was curious what 'Barn' I rode with and was surprised to learn I kept my own horses and didn't even have a barn....literally.
Her experience and knowledge was high level show jumpers and the like. The ranching high desert and DIY aspect was lost on her I think.

Everyone was so nice and personable, I enjoyed the evening very much.


Paint Girl said...

I am so happy you enjoyed yourself at the BBQ! I bet it was a lot less stressful than riding in the clinic. I know I would be a nervous wreck riding in one.

Melanie said...

So it sounds like all ended well then...
Isn't it fun to meet interesting people at events such as this one?
And five kidlets??? Goodness gracious, how do you do it??? I can hardly handle the two I have. :)

gtyyup said...

I'm glad you had a really nice, relaxing time at the BBQ and got to communicate with Buck on other subjects. It's nice to know that he's such a caring person.

So, will you do it again if you get the opportunity?