Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I love comments, I love the interaction and the sharing of ideas and opinions. I love the encouragement and support from like minded individuals..... I think blogs are neat and inspiring.
I do not like folks leaving comments with the express purpose of directing others to their blog, sales page, website, game, contest or giveaway etc.

It has only happened a few times but seems that twice in the last week its escalating.

I understand everyones desire to "make it" on the web and perhaps achieve success like the Pioneer Woman and others like her.....but, do it on your own terms, not by hitting the 'net daily throwing your name on the list of blogs for the day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Over Extended

Last Friday my riding partner Cindy called and asked If I wanted to ride for a couple hours, I replied sure and we met up about 1 or so.
I decided to ride Domino because I have put so much effort into Cricket he was feeling neglected......

not really, I just figured he was the horse du jour.

The day was beautiful, warm and just slight breeze, the best of Central Oregons fall weather. We discussed how long to ride and I thought it would be OK to go longer than shorter, so the rimrock overlooking Bowman Dam and the head of the Crooked River was our destination.

Cindy was game and we were off, the desert sand is damp now and there was no dust and the footing was good. Domino has fantastic mustang feet and he never needs boots, Cindys mare had a new trim but her barefeet are good and tough she went well without boots as well.

We saw 2 cow elk far ahead they bounded across our trail and disapeared into the remnants of the burned up juniper from the control burn a few years ago.

This image is looking east and Bowman Dam, that is the Crooked River Highway across the top, goes south all the way to Roberts and Brothers.

This image is looking west down into the canyon of the Crooked River, it may not look like much... it didn't to us either. I thought we should get down to the river and water the horses....... it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Here is Cindy tossing her whip trying to get her horses ears up......

and me with Domino, see how we are wearing sweaters and are fresh and game....

Well, we made it down , we decided to hike it because it was very steep and rocky and less stress on the horses, they already packed us about 5 miles.... besides we needed the aerobic activity.

This is looking west but the height of the top is pretty consistent, this view is all basalt lava, we came down a gravelly and dirt area. The footing is very, very rocky and rugged, I'm glad both our horses handle it well and with the dry climate and regular use keeps their feet in top form.

Here I am about 1/2 way, we stopped for a breather.... hiking UP was significantly MORE strenuous than hiking down!

See how the power poles drop out of sight behind me? See how I lost my sweater?

And Cindy too, we are still going up! With my dog Jill taking a breather.

....and still going up!

and Cindy's dog Zoe....going up, slowly.

....breather over.... still going up!

whew!.... I have to rest again

We made it up to the top and mounted up again, continued our loop to the cinder pit and made it home at sunset.

4 solid hours, I calculated our route on Google Earth around 12 miles and 1100 feet in elevation change, from the river bed to the rimrock.

Like I said .... it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Thanks to Cindy and her camera, and being patient and adventurous to my harebrained idea to water the horses in the river. But at least this time the weather was favorable and we brought drinking water.