Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I love comments, I love the interaction and the sharing of ideas and opinions. I love the encouragement and support from like minded individuals..... I think blogs are neat and inspiring.
I do not like folks leaving comments with the express purpose of directing others to their blog, sales page, website, game, contest or giveaway etc.

It has only happened a few times but seems that twice in the last week its escalating.

I understand everyones desire to "make it" on the web and perhaps achieve success like the Pioneer Woman and others like her.....but, do it on your own terms, not by hitting the 'net daily throwing your name on the list of blogs for the day.


Kate said...

It's happened to me a few times - the same person both times - and I just deleted the comment. Sort of icky!

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

lol at Kate's "sort of icky". It doesnt bother me much, dont know why?! I guess there are always those go-getters out there but most of the ones that really make it are not the kind that are leaving those comments. I have a hard enough time just commenting on the blogs I read:)

gtyyup said...

I wouldn't care for that either...thank goodness for the delete button!

Paint Girl said...

I started to get a comment from a person, that wanted me to link to there blog (from another country) and they would link back to mine. I ignored the first one, but the second comment came back even longer and desperate sounding, I hit delete pretty quickly. I don't need that.
I understand that people want their blogs to become "known" but there are other ways to go about it. I could care less for the blogger that is trying to "sell" their blog. I am all about bloggers that blog about their life, their horses life, and to meet new people, none of that other crap. Like gtyyup says "thank goodness for the delete button!", it does come in handy!

Sarah said...

seriously, thats like so rude! This is supposed to be for fun, not a popularity race! If they want more readers, then they should make their blog more iteresting. Kind of the "if you build it they will come" philosphy! I'd be ircked too!