Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Stills

Because I STILL don't have a camera (blasted budget anyway) I can meet this challenge from my archive.

This picture I snapped on a whim of my boy, I love the content and the look on his face, it was completely un-staged and one of my favorites.

These 2 pics have to go as a pair, again it was happenstance, this cat is very special to me and he is a complete clown, I think he was a small dog in a previous life, he is not a cat at all but a dog trapped in a cats body. That day he was loafing under the feed pan on a balmy spring day, he stayed there about 2 hours, perfectly content to watch me work horses.


Shirley said...

These are all good shots, your son is a cute li'l rascal, and I love the cat under the tub. (Cats rule.)

Horses Are Our Lives said...

And your boy is holding a kitty too, how special! My boy loved his animals at that age too, and still does at the age of 22. You must have a special bond with your cat! I think they can bond with us as much as dogs can too!

gtyyup said...

Great choices for the challenge. Your son is adorable with the kitten...really nice! I enjoyed your description of the "cat in the dog's body"!