Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Stills

To start with, what else?..... oranges,

I found lots of opportunities just in the barnyard, the weather has been uncooperative today and today was the only day I had available to think and act on the challenge.

First the cone (that has seen better days) and basketball the horses play with, and I found them just like this..... no kidding

The small feed drum,

haystring is mostly orange, we have some blue too, we put it in an orange bucket,

2 orange cords to the tank heaters,

More orange cords,

This one I supersaturated the orange, kind of fun,


dibear said...

Great job selecting some really good "orange" shots. :)

Ed said...

Very cool shots..:-)

photographerpainterprintmaker said...

My favorite is of the beat up cone and the horses basketball. Great shots!

picturesbybrenda said...

I think we all have some beat up cones. Those horses really destroy them, or running over them with trucks will do it too! lol