Monday, April 19, 2010

Macro Monday

I used the chickens for my macro attempts, since the light was poor and the birds not very cooperative, I had to trash most of the images, the blond feathers turned out the best but the brown and black ones are prettier and more interesting.

I'll try again on a sunny day


Ed said...

Well done, cloudy days are alright for shooting macros, the clouds act as a diffuser, next time try shooting in night mode or cloudy if you have that setting..:-)

picturesbybrenda said...

oh, I love the reddish colors on the blond feathers! Cloudy days are best is what my photographer friend told me when she would take pictures of my horses and kids for me.

gtyyup said...

Your photos are great...I really enjoyed the "hands" and the Easter bouquet...gorgeous!

Are you planning on coming to the Western Arts Roundup on May 1st? I'll be at the Fairgrounds helping set up on Friday the 30th and probably until 2-3 on Saturday. If you make it, look me up!

Cowgirl Rae said...

Thank you for the favorable feedback.

I hope to, I was also hoping to go see Ramona Hulicks big western collectibles sale that weekend in Redmond at the fairgrounds, see here, . I was also thinking about a womens conference at out church in Pville..... alas, what to do?